How personalised first aid products can help create safer workplaces

Scouts First Aid KITPersonalising your first aid training and resources to suit the individual requirements of your worksite, office or business, will undoubtedly help you be better prepared for any workplace emergency you may encounter.

If you’re a business, organisation, government or industry body looking to individually brand your first aid resources with your own company or customised details, we show you how easy it is to personalise your first aid products and explain how this can help create a safer working environment for all.

Trust quality products from a leading first aid provider

First up, you want to ensure you are sourcing your first aid tools from a leading and trusted first aid provider.

Survival Emergency Solutions has been keeping people safe for more than 30 years and is a leading provider of quality first aid equipment across Australia and around the globe. Survival offers numerous options to cover you and your business for all of your workplace health and safety first aid requirements.

Survival’s Workplace First Aid KIT offers the most responsive first aid solution for every workplace in Australia and contains all the components you need to be workplace compliant. They also offer Survival’s Safety Centre KIT, comprising world-class PPE, as well as Workplace Safety PLUS BUNDLES and  Small Business First Aid BUNDLES so you can find a safety solution to best suit your individual needs.

First Aid KIT personalisation in four (4) easy steps

Once you’ve decided which workplace first aid option is going to best suit your business needs, you can achieve first aid KIT personalisation in four easy steps:

  1. Contact Survival to discuss your customisation requirements and agree on a price for your order (discounts apply on larger volume orders).
  2. Send through your logo, style guidelines and any specific instructions regarding branding to Survival.
  3. Receive an art proof of how your branded kits will look for approval, or advise of any changes required.
  4. Survival will design, manufacture and deliver your customised first aid kits to your desired locations.

It’s that simple. Survival can also provide first aid KITS in leather or a variety of colour options to match your corporate branding.

First Aid Corporate Branding

How personalised first aid products can help create safer workplaces

First aid personalisation is more than just customised first aid KITS. It involves empowering and educating your employees to engage in safer work practices, take ownership of WHS issues and encourage hazard reporting.  It involves up-to-date and relevant first aid training, specific to your individual working environment.

But personalising your first aid resources is a great place to start. It shows workplace health and safety is a top priority in your business and encourages employees to take ownership over their own personal safety, as well as the safety of their colleagues and co-workers.

Custom First Aid CPR


How Survival is offering better first aid kit personalisation

In addition to the customised kits, every Survival Workplace First Aid Kit comes with a personal space section that allows you to include specific items or additional first aid contents suitable for your workplace. This encourages you to stock kits with items suitable to your individual circumstances and helps you to get to know the contents of your kit – before you need them in an emergency!

This personalisation is so important to Survival that our newly released 2019 kits feature greater depth and an extra full mesh panel, as well as two new, deep pockets for increased storage of personal first aid items.

Join industry leaders in first aid kit personalisation

But don’t just take our word for it.

Follow the lead of big-name brands and national organisations including Scouts Australia, State Emergency Services, Surf Life Saving, Rural Fire Service, Housing Industry Association, Audi, Volkswagen, Reader’s Digest, Protech and Tynan Motors, who have invested in personalised first aid products.

For more information about first aid KIT personalisation check out our Customised First Aid KITs page or contact

For a full range of quality first aid products visit

Team Survival

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