Has your Dad got the right gear?

Is your old man the kind of bloke with all the gear for every adventure?

Does he have more than one surfboard to carve his morning surf no matter what the waves are doing?

Plus a sick snowboard. The ultimate spear fishing kit. A shed full of power tools. An epic sound system. And every gadget under the sun for his car.

Your old man might have all the gear. But we’re here to ask: does your dad have the right gear to support him safely on all of his incredible adventures?


We know the type. He’s always up for going into the wild with the boys. And if there’s a solid set coming in, he’s down like Flynn. The hairier the mission, the better.

But fatherhood changes things. Adventuring when you have a family is a different kettle of fish. Keeping yourself and your family safe while riding the highs of those epic escapes has to be number one priority.

Being prepared and equipped as a dad takes the fear factor out of adventuring with your family.

Father and Son Exploring Nature

Being prepared

Simply having a First Aid Kit close by is not only peace of mind, it means the dad in your life can keep exploring new horizons safely. So no matter what he’s faced with, he’ll be sorted.

With Father’s Day just around the corner on 1 September, you can help him get his hands on the right gear. Look no further sons and daughters, here’s the safest Father’s Day present gift guide you’ll find.

For the dad who probably should have been born with gills

If your dad spends more time in or on the water, than out of it, the Survival Boat First Aid Bundle will keep him safe - whether he’s surfing, paddle boarding, fishing or boating.

Combining our comprehensive Workplace First Aid KIT and durable Waterproof Box, this is the ideal first aid solution to help him respond to minor and major emergencies the next time the waves are pumping or the fish are biting.

For the man-meets-wild dad

Give your outdoorsman the ultimate wilderness survival kit with Survival’s Camping First Aid Bundle. Light enough to carry on his back as he conquers new frontiers, the bundle combines our Travel First Aid KIT, and the small and super-light Compact First Aid KIT, to keep him safe as he’s hiking mountain peaks and sleeping under the stars on his next camping adventure.

The Survival Snake Bite Kit is also a great one should he come face-to-face with a venomous snake or a Funnel-web on his treks.

Camping in Australia

For the up-and-go dad

If the dad in your life is always trying something new, Survival’s Handy First Aid Kit will ensure he’s prepared whenever there’s fresh pow on the slopes, he’s exploring backcountry, being a weekend warrior, playing soccer or taking the tribe for a walk.

Even if your dad’s a stay-at-home kinda guy, it’s always a good idea to have a First Aid Kit on-hand.

Survival’s smaller, compact kits are great for the car, while our larger, extensive kits can be stored at home. Either way, you’ll both feel safer knowing he’s fully stocked with survival essentials like bandages, swabs and saline for cuts, bites and other common accidents he might experience.

Give dad the right gear this Father’s Day

So, give your dad-venturer the right gear this Father’s Day, with first aid essentials to keep him safe on whatever he gets up to next. Get the right gear at survival.net.au and get 11% off from now until September 1st with the discount code: DAD

Happy Father’s Day!

Team Survival

Survival Emergency Solutions prides itself on superior quality and continual innovation to provide the most responsive first aid solutions for every home, workplace and vehicle in Australia and around the globe.

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